Choosing the right banner or flag for an exhibition can be confusing.  So we have put together a quick guide to help you choose the right one for your exhibition.

Low Price Roller Banner

A real lightweight at under 4 kg with banner.

The wise choice of those looking for a stand of better quality than the cheapest, which gives reliable service year after year.
Hundreds of customers are loyal to “LPR”,  having sold so many thousands of them over the years to their
customers, because they are such great value for money at all sizes up to 150cm.

Easy Banner Roll Up

If you can’t afford our top-of-the-range stand, this model is the next-best thing for those who don’t like the look of swing-out feet, or the extra floorspace which they occupy. This is a solid stand made from thick aluminium with plastic trim, offering presentable appearance at a low price because of its relative simplicity.
Available in sizes of 60, 80, 85, 100, 120 and 150cm.

Rapide Easy Pop Up Displays

Curvy, sculptural and visually stunning but quite bulky when packed. Many feel that pop-ups are still the best looking portable display on the market. For some that’s all that matters and it justifies a higher price tag. Having been developed over many years they look unlikely to evolve much further. The frame is a magnetic feat of engineering and the panels fit seamlessly together

Magnetic bars use multi-pole magnetic tape which ensures fast and easy panel joins with opposite polarity mag tape. They are not just plain steel which does nothing to help you align panel joins. Magnetic attachment to the frame makes them very fast and easy too use.

All these products come with a range of accessories including Lights, Brochure Holders Shelves, Stands & Carry Cases